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Upholstery Services

Since our incorporation in 2002 we have built up a vast portfolio of clients that share our environmentally kind approach to reviving tired office furniture.

The REVIVE IT TODAY service offers a great option to help companies with a green environmental policy whilst having the added benefit of saving 40 to 60% off of your average budget for the supply of replacement like for like furniture.

We offer a unique repair and reupholstery services that is tailored towards the commercial office furniture sector, which is backed primarily with our internal CNC technologies that give us the capability to replicate large volumes of coverings with pin point accuracy in short periods of time.  
Our specialised service of reviving our client’s office furniture with new replacement coverings or a full upholstery change is great way to bring your furniture back to life without feeding the great landfill monster that plagues all of our landscapes today.

We work daily with our clients like Nationwide Building Society to keep their branches looking fresh and up to date via our in house platform that allows them the ability to keep on top of the environmentally green policies they employ throughout the Uk.
With likeminded companies trusting us to revive their furniture up and down the length and breadth of the UK we our truly very proud to say we are doing our bit for the environment. If it’s either using our own high quality manufactured products that are designed and manufactured in house with future revival in mind or by employing our services on the your existing furniture to create colourful futures for all of us for years to come. 

Our revival service isn’t limited to recovery and upholstery, you can breathe a fresh look to your desking with new tops which can save thousands off your budget.

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